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A mechanical and quartz watch is a precision instrument, made up of hundreds of tiny components working together as one to create watch perfection.

To keep the performance of your watch at its best, it will need to be regularly serviced: usually every four to five years. If you’re unsure about when your watch needs servicing or have a problem with your watch that needs repairing, we can help, we offer a free no obligation quotation on all repairs.

Our Omega Accredited Watchmaker is highly trained to dismantle, clean, repair and reassemble your watch, ensuring your investment is restored to its former glory. Our state-of-the-art on site Omega Accredited Service Centre is equipped with the best tools and personnel to assist with the service and maintenance of your watch.

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Your watch is an investment and its care and maintenance is incredibly important. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your watches lifespan and performance are at the highest standard.

Enquire in either store today or book a personalised appointment with one of our professional team for our watchmaker to examine your watch.

Authorised Omega Service Centre

Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs regular servicing to ensure that it functions perfectly. We cannot indicate the frequency of such work, since it depends entirely on the model, the climate and the owner’s individual care of the watch. As a general rule, a watch should be serviced every 4 to 5 years, depending on the conditions in which it is used.

We offer a free assessment service and no obligation estimate for all watch repairs. To assess a watch properly, it needs to be examined. At this point, L.Guess are then able to confidently advise what a watch needs, what the cost will likely be and how long the work should take.

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